Immigration in this era is shaping and reshaping societies worldwide. Despite the global pandemic, people are still considering migrating to Australia. But the big question is where should you settle in?

The nation’s economy has been benefitting from immigrants in terms of raising incomes, innovations and contributing towards the government budgets.  Australia is still a popular choice to many because people are attracted to a sound economy and up to the mark living standards.

To push migrants to rural area is not a new concept now.  With the goal to de-congest larger cities such as Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, and to address as well the labour shortage in rural areas, the government is now making the rural opportunities even more attractive than ever. Subclass 491 has been introduced, in replacement for Subclass 489, to keep the economy flourishing while utilizing all available resources to maximum potential.  

Common Reasons People are migrating to Australia

These are only a few of the common reasons we always get from our clients when asked why do are they contemplating of migrating to Australia?

  • Career opportunities
  • Good Healthcare system
  • Quality Education for the children
  • Security
  • Change of Lifestyle

What is a Subclass 491 visa?

A subclass 491 visa is a provisional visa that allows migrants to live and work, but only in regional areas. It mostly consists of people who have been nominated by eligible relatives already residing in any rural areas or through a designated area sponsorship application.

Benefits of Subclass 491 visa:

The new laws that bound the migrants to live in regional areas will not only lessen the strain on Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, but will also generate employment opportunities, improve housing, rent and increase focus on improving infrastructure in suburbs. Many are hesitant to take this route by just hearing the term “rural’, “suburbs”, “regional”, with the thinking that these places only consists of farms, animals, with less career opportunity. But what about Perth, Western Australia and the entire state of South Australia being a regional area where career opportunities are limitless? With an increased number of people moving and living in regional areas the government is bound to focus on not only creating but also improving the right basic infrastructure, which was being neglected until now. Other benefits of subclass 489 visa include:

  • Permanent Residency:

A subclass 491 visa holder has a very good chance to pave his way through towards availing a permanent residency in Australia if he’s an eligible candidate for subclass 191. There are certain conditions to meet.

  • Full Medical Benefits:

Previously for Subclass 489, this benefit is not applicable. But now, since the government understands having good access to medical benefits are just important as securing a residential status in Australia, onece you have obtained a Subclass 491 visa, you have full access to medical subsidies.

  • Traveling In and Out of Australia:

Just because you are bounded to sponsoring regional area, doesn’t mean you cannot travel. The individual visa holder along with his family is allowed to travel in and out from Australia, or even interstate.

Know your eligibility criteria should you have been contemplating about migrating to Australia. Fill out our free online assessment form to get an initial assessment from one of our consultants.

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