Immigration was totally a new concept to me. My wife and I met while we were studying in Australia. I, myself, was contemplating since then about my Australia PR Application. We came back to the Philippines get married and had our kids. We needed more funds to support our growing family, thus, we paved our way to Singapore for better career opportunity.

While we were in Singapore, we realized that we were not happy and felt that something is missing – work-life balance. We thought of coming back to Australia and looked for ways on how to kick start our Australia PR Application.

Back those days, I did not have any idea on where to begin. I was back and forth to the Australia High Commission and research online to get information, with all the reading of the online forums. Guess what, all these researching did not help and confused me even more on how to apply correctly. Added to my worries are the stories I read from forum websites where some people’s applications are rejected.

After weeks of research and I was still not sure where to start and what to submit, that’s the time I decided to seek help from a professional. I returned to the internet and searched for a registered migration agents in Singapore. One of the agencies I found with good reputation is Australia Immigration Specialist (AIS).

The COVID situation has made us realize that we could have migrated earlier. With so much urge, we attended AIS immigration webinar and we found it very informative. From there we made an appointment for a consultation to discuss our case in more depth. Their consultant analyzed our eligibility and criteria and we were advised about every step of the process in details. Of course, to make sure I would engage with the best migration agency, we consulted with other agencies in Singapore. My wife and I decided to use AIS because we felt they could provide a better service than the others.

One of the requirements I needed to complete is the IELTS general training exam and get the score I need to add more points for my application. My wife, too, will need it to augment our chances. We registered for the exam at British Council and I practiced almost every night for a month to improve my English. Luckily, we were able to get good scores so we did not retake the exam as other people do. From there, we submitted all other requirements to our migration agent and they took care of the submissions and communication with the Australian authorities.

It took about 2 years, since we started our application in the middle of the pandemic, before our Australia PR Application was approved. After a few months of preparation, we are now finally entering Australia and live our dream life.

-Melvin, Aged Care Nurse, 38

Australia Immigration Specialist

Australia Immigration Specialist is a registered Australian migration agency in Singapore.


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