From 1 September 2021, Australia Immigration Specialist (AIS) shall launch a personalized Education and Career Counseling Services tailored to the personality type and interests of people intending to migrate to Australia from Singapore.

If you have lost your job as a direct or indirect result of Covid19,  thinking of going back to school to get a qualification, or contemplating of starting a new career to get out of your present situation, AIS’ new counselling service may be the solution for you. 

During this 90 minute session, AIS’ trained education and career consultants will examine your past qualification and work experience. AIS will perform an analysis of your needs,  personality type, interests, and understanding the economy of the future, recommend a pathway for you to upskill your present situation or pursue a completely different career pathway based on getting yourself equipped and qualified to perform the skill.

For those who would prefer starting a business of your own, AIS’ professional consultants also have years of business experience will share micro-financing secrets and suitable candidates may even participate in our guidance or mentorship program. However, if you intend on seeking a new life out of your present country and considering migrating to Australia and stating the obvious, AIS is a registered migration agency.

Choose a pathway leading to a happier and more secure future.

AIS understands that taking a big step towards a new career can be earth-shattering during this pandemic. One may feel like their skills are not in demand or that they are lacking significant experience. AIS aims not only to address migrants-to-be’ concern about securing their future in Australia, but AIS will address the supply and demand sentiments lingering the job market, helping people intending to migrate to Australia from Singapore or elsewhere leverage their chances of a successful application. This expansion of service has allowed AIS to find avenue not only to widen its target audience, but at the same time extend its help to those who need guidance in paving their way through their immigration journey to Australia. 

Since 2007, AIS has helped hundreds of clients who live in Singapore study, travel, live, and work in Australia. Being one of the most established Australia Migration Agencies in Singapore, AIS remains to strictly adhere to the Code of Conduct to ensure that all work is done professionally, transparently and competently.

Australia Immigration Specialist

Australia Immigration Specialist is a registered Australian migration agency in Singapore.


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