Immigration in this era is shaping and reshaping societies worldwide. The Australian economy has gained benefit from immigrants in terms of raising incomes, innovations and contributing towards the government budgets. Immigration for Australia is on the rise because people are attracted to a sound economy and up to the mark living standards. To push immigrants towards rural area is not a new concept. The Australian Government is encouraging and inviting professionals and skilled workers to work and live here. We provide services to help our clients migrate to Australia from Singapore and other countries as well globally. Subclass 489 has been introduced to keep the economy flourishing while utilizing all available resources to maximum potential. Visa subclass 489 policies are fairly simple, and this is a popular choice among immigrants.

Why Immigrate to Australia?

Let us shed some light on why choose Australia? Maintain reading in order get a clear picture on out of all the countries around the globe why we recommend our clients to migrate to Australia from Singapore?

• Career opportunities
• Better life quality
• Good Healthcare system
• Quality Education
• Utility service is easily available
• Dual citizenship
• Security
• Lifestyle
• No language barrier

What is a Subclass 489 visa?

A subclass 489 visa permit is a temporary skilled trade person and specialists visa. It mostly consists of people who have been nominated by eligible relatives already residing in any designated region of the nation. This visa subclass is also advisable for individuals who did not get selected for subclass 189 or subclass 190.

Benefits of Subclass 489 visa:

More than 80% of the migrants tend to move out of their designated regions once they have gained a PR. This moving out into big cities is putting a strain on cities like Melbourne and Sydney due to increased population and congestion. The new laws that bound the migrants to live in regional areas will not only lessen the strain on Sydney and Melbourne but also generate employment opportunities, improve housing, rent and increase focus on improving infrastructure in regional areas. With an increased number of people moving and living in regional areas the government is bound to focus on not only creating but also improving the right basic infrastructure, which was being neglected until now. Other benefits of subclass 489 visa include:

Work Permit:

Holders of Skilled visa are allowed to not only live but also work in designated regional areas for 4 years in Australia.

Permit to Study:

Individuals having skilled visa are allowed to study in specific regions in Australia.


Eligible visa holding relative already residing in Australia can nominate and sponsor other family members.

Permanent Residency:

A subclass 489 visa holder has a very good chance to pave his way through towards availing a permanent residency in Australia if he’s an eligible candidate.

Study Permit for Family Members:

Other family members of the visa holder are allowed to study, though only in designated areas in Australian for a time period of for years.

Traveling In and Out of Australia:

The individual visa holder along with his family is allowed to travel in and out from Australia until the visa is valid.


It is expected that this immigrant push to regional areas will not only ease the burden imposed upon the urban infrastructure of Sydney and Melbourne but also accelerate development outside these twin cities.

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