2021 began with the hopes that everything will get back to normal very soon. But very soon, it transformed into a year again of countries re-implementing stricter measures, stronger and more infectious variants mutating, and the never ending negative effect of the Covid to the global economy. 2021 has introduced us to the “new normal” and has strengthened the true meaning of the “unprecedented times”.

We may not notice it, but this pandemic has subtly reoriented our relationship to the government, to the outside world, and even to each and every one of us. It has also represented opportunity to us: revived appreciation of the outdoors, more quality time with our family at home, or even the more sophisticated and flexible use of technology.

Little did we know, we are already half way through the year. Despite reorientation, it’s still evident how the world suffers from the pandemic, from economic problem to people losing their jobs. As we continue to deal with the crazy year that is 2021, we might need to step back, re-assess our life goals and see where we actually stand now.

Questions like: Where do I see myself being locked down in if ever a new pandemic comes? Where will my family be better off during this period of time? Am I securing my future well? I am foreigner, what if one day I lose my job? We should start re-assessing our life goals and see where do we stand now and where we should be in the future.

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