Picture yourself living, working, or studying in Australia. From the astounding scenery to many great profitable opportunities, Australia is certainly one of the best and ideal places to settle in. People may probably have their own reasons for migrating to Australia, but what is common to all is the thought of having an improved work-life balance. Whether you choose to migrate to Australia from Singapore, from Malaysia, or from different countries across the globe, the idea of living in such a wonderful country inevitably attracts more migrants to the vibrant cities of Australia.

Wherever part of the world you live, the first step you must need to accomplish is to know more from your Australia immigration specialist about the requirements needed for your visa application. Accomplish all the necessary documents needed and you are on your way to fulfilling your dream life Down Under.

Here are some reasons why you should consider Australia your new home:

Australia’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

To gauge a country’s economic health condition, you need to look at its GDP. According to research, Australia’s GDP grew to 2.5% in 2015. The decrease in trading of AUD to USD has continuously helped the economic transition of Australia. In 2016, it is expected that the GDP will grow up to 2.8%. With the continuing challenges from the exit of the resources boom and the expected new challenges to emerge, everything about Australia’s economic condition is expected to improve this year.

Australia’s Employment Condition

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the unemployment rate decreases to 5.8% in December 2015 after a 6.4% high in January 2015. The country’s low unemployment rate and shortage of skilled workers, particularly in the mining and energy sectors, bring many migrants to Australia every year. When planning to work in Australia, you need to be familiar with Australia visa application.

Australia’s Education System

The country certainly offers a wide range of study options for students wanting to pursue their education in Australia. There are some points that you need to know about when applying for a student visa. If you are from a Gazetted country (Australia’s agreement to certain countries), it will be easier for you to get a student visa. Applicants from Non-Gazetted countries are required to acquire a Favourable Genuiness Assessment (FGA) from the Australian Embassy.
Australia is a competent country, which can definitely weather any challenges in any aspect of life. The country is always moving forward, so those who are planning to settle in would have something to get excited about in 2016.



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