This is one of the questions we Australia Migration agent are often asked about. And to be entirely honest, yes, Australia PR Application processing is still on going, but you have to make your application stand out from the rest of the applicants to be able to be invited.

Now that Australia is prioritizing applicants for Subclass 491, different state rules and regulations vary. South Australia (SA) and New South Wales (NSW) have resumed accepting offshore applicants after a very long time.

What is State or Territory Nomination?

State and Territory nomination is required to apply for visa subclass 190 (Skilled Nominated) and 491 (Skilled Regional). Each state has set different conditions for different nominated occupations to be invited. For example, South Australia has started inviting Human Resource Adviser for offshore applicants, provided you have Superior Level of English. You will have to meet these minimum requirements to be able to submit an application for nomination or sponsorship.

Why Subclass 491 has given priority?

In Nov 2019, this visa subclass was introduced in replacement for the Subclass 489 – Provisional Visa. With the goal to decongest larger cities such as Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, the immigration is now giving high level of processing priority for those applicants who are willing to relocate to designated areas or regions. And when we say regions, we are not talking about those rural areas where there’s not much transportation, or widely covered with farms. Australia has redefined regions to anywhere in Australia except the above three major cities.

All these and more when you consult with us should you have been contemplating about your Australia PR application. Call us to book for a professional consultation. Alternatively, fill out our online assessment form and one of our consultants will revert to you.

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