Since 2007, Australia Immigration Specialist has seen drastic changes with the immigration rules and regulations pertaining to Australia PR Application. With the global uncertainties, many are till hesitant to pursue their dream life down under.

We Provide Permanent Solutions

We understand that no two cases are the same; each family has their own eligibility criteria. Which is why our team of consultants, legal representatives and documentation team work closely to provide a permanent solution tailored to your present circumstances. You just have to leave all your doubts behind and let us, one the most established Australia migration agency in Singapore handle your application.

Open-mindedness to Relocating to Regions       

Many people think that moving to regional areas makes them relocate to remote areas of Australia. The nation has redefined the meaning regions by pertaining now to the entire country of Australia, except the three major cities of Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Aside from the immigration department is now giving high level of processing priority for applicants willing to relocate to designated areas, you and your family will also be eligible for full Medicare under this visa category – same rights as permanent residents.

All these and more when you book a consultation with Australia Immigration Specialist. Call us to book a professional consultation with us. Alternatively, fill out our online assessment form and get an initial assessment of your eligibility.

Australia Immigration Specialist

Australia Immigration Specialist is a registered Australian migration agency in Singapore.


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