Immigration rules and regulations are definitely getting tougher each year for those intending to start their Australia PR Application. Come reopening of the borders and easing of the restrictions in Australia, we are also in doubt as to how the immigration environment is going to be, but definitely it only gets tougher.

While it may seem like impossible for you now to penetrate into the nation already as a Permanent Resident (PR), we beg to disagree. There are still possible ways we can augment to increase your chances.

Our Role as a Registered Migration Agency

Australia Immigration Specialist, as one of the most well-known Registered migration agency in Singapore, has the mission to give solutions to families migrating to Australia, be it through skilled migration programme or partner visa route, or any other visa options. As being regulated with the Migration Authority Registered Agents (MARA), we are restricted to provide honest and upfront advice  in the best of our abilities. We strongly represent our clients’ case to the immigration department to the best of our abilities ensuring our strategies are in line with the current legislative requirements. With our six-eye approach, we take pride in ensuring we are up to date with the current legislations, vetting through documents prior to submission, and legally representing cases effectively.

We Provide Long-term Solutions

Just because it only gets tougher, it does not mean it is the end of the road for you. Despite the changes, we can provide long-term solutions, which may be beneficial for all our clients. We, as one of the trusted Immigration agencies providing Australia PR Application services, we are bound to provide you application options pertaining to your present circumstances.

To know your eligibility criteria for an Australian PR, fill out our online assessment form or contact us for a professional advice.

Australia Immigration Specialist

Australia Immigration Specialist is a registered Australian migration agency in Singapore.


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