The entire year has been very unstable for Australia Immigration programme – a year full of uncertainties. This year has brought so many doubts on the economic growth of Australia, and at the same time political and social struggles that have made it a very turbulent one, especially to those contemplating to start the Australia PR Application from Singapore.

We can just easily blame the government, making it even more challenging for anyone to penetrate, but somehow props to them as well for continuously improving the policies and regulations, still giving migration opportunities rather than nothing.

The scenario has been the same for most of the migrants-to-be: being in the continuous limbo as to when will they start their PR Application to Australia. Truth be told, it will never be easy now to enter, thus, people would wonder “should I really continue considering about it?”. No, we don’t have complete control over the current situation, but if you have been putting it off for a years now, it’s going to be tougher because your application may have gone been compromised due to the changes.

It’s never too late, as long as you are eligible…

The truth is there’s never a perfect timing to start your application. Yes, the borders may have been closed at this point in time due to the pandemic we are experiencing, but it won’t hurt you to start the application the soonest, especially if you are still eligible to apply. In fact, South Australia (SA) has initiated the move of starting again to accept registry of interest for offshore applicants for several nominated occupations, which may be a good indication to the easing of restrictions soon for the other states as well.

Knowing that the visa application result solely depends on the discretion of the authorities, maybe the big question we need to address is “Am I qualified?”. One client of ours is now living as a permanent resident in Australia did qualify many years ago, but his case file was compromised towards the end of the application. The state he initially submitted his expression of interest has closed for his nominated occupation. He could have suspended his Australia PR application, but he chose not to. He waited for several months, and then finally an opening to a regional area. It may not be his place of preferences, but his eagerness to move for his family has brought him to where he is now.

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