Using the services of a registered migration agent may cost you several thousand. However, as with important life-changing decisions it should be seen as a rather small investment for one’s future, bearing in mind that the benefits that come along with a residency status will last you and your loved ones an entire lifetime.

If you’re someone who is willing to spend hundreds or even thousands on a holiday that lasts for a few weeks or months, consider that your new life in Australia is going to change the way you live affecting your, your partner, children and may even extend to your children’s children.

Outside of marriage, immigration is the second most important decision an adult can make. With information readily available on the internet, many have assumed that as long as they abide by commonsensical procedures that the process of applying for a visa is something that can be done by yourself.

Well, the DHA states that you do not need to utilize the services of a representative but should you do so, engaging a registered migration agent would grant you the consumer protection rights as RMAs are required under law to act in your best interest.

At Australia Immigration Specialist (AIS), we firmly believe that whilst applicants are not required to use our services, they should seek professionals that will advise them and be right upfront, not only if they qualify, but whether they will be better off when they have migrated across to Australia. Whilst we may not be the most established migration agency around, we’re proud to say that none of our visitors who’ve consulted have regretted taking our independent decision towards immigration, for we have honestly advised several dozens of individuals against immigration, warning them that life in Australia may not be suitable based on their lifestyles and priorities.

If you’re a busy stressed out professional working in Singapore and thinking about migrating to Australia. We advise you to continue your profession and do your best at work. However, when it comes Immigration, allow RMAs to do the professional job advising you, of ascertaining your eligibility, strategizing your application and if required, guiding and representing you through this most important decision.

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