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With the recent decline of the Australian dollar and new landmark agreement between Singapore and Australia, the number of Singaporean students migrating to Australia to pursue their studies is expected to rise again.

Figures from the Australian High Commission show that for this year, there are 1,800 Singaporeans who started pursuing their degrees at Australian universities. The figure is a rise of more than 10% from 2015, wherein fewer Singaporeans opted not to pursue their Australia because of the high value of the Australian dollar.

“We believe that one of the reasons for growth in commencements is the increased profile of Australia in Singapore last year, particularly due to the signing of the CSP (Comprehensive Strategic Partnership),” an Australian High Commission spokesman said in an interview.

“The lower (Aussie) dollar has helped somewhat by making a quality education in Australia more affordable but other things are more important. This includes the number of Australian universities in the world rankings… Australian qualifications are also recognised globally for employment, ” the spokesman added.

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