According to Chris Bowen, the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, the Australian government is establishing a new category of arrivals, significant investors.

“People who are willing to make a significant investment in Australia through various investments will receive concessional treatment when it comes to permanent residency in Australia, and this is a good thing. We want to attract people who want to invest in Australia, to put their money in Australian hands, help our financial services industry, invest in bodies that then can go on and invest in infrastructure across the country. Other countries in the world have done this. People who are willing to invest in Australia will be looking at what they can invest in, what sort of residence requirements there are for them to live in Australia. We want them to make a commitment to Australia financially, we also want them to make some commitment to Australia emotionally, and we’ll have a range of measures in place which I’ll be announcing later today to do that, recognizing that these are people who often run very large businesses and have obligations around the world in terms of travel, and they’ll be looking for whether Australia provides an attractive place for them to settle as permanent residents if they’ve made an investment over a period of time.” added by the minister.

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