The Australian government will ease its tourist visa rules for parents of permanent residents and Australian citizens. This will allow parents to visit and remain with their family for a longer period of time in Australia. This change will take effect by the end of 2012.

In detail, this will allow successful parent visa applicants to stay in Australia for 12 months in each entry valid for 5 years.

In addition, applicants may initially be granted a tourist visa for them to stay in Australia with their families while waiting for their parent visa to be approved.

The government is also considering granting tourist visas of up to 3 years with a 12-month stay on each entry for people who are not now in the Parent visa queue.

Certain requirements must be met to be granted a tourist visa.

“To be granted a tourist visa, applicants must meet Australia’s health and character requirements, have access to adequate funds, have health insurance to cover any healthcare costs during their stay and intend a genuine visit to Australia,” Chris Bowen, the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship said.

Tourist visa holders are expected to spend some time outside Australia between visits to their families and are limited from further visa application while in Australia.

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