Australia has been continuously accepting foreign skilled workers to work and migrate to Australia from Singapore or elsewhere. It’s nearly 2 years now since the Covid started, and has immensely put immigration to a negative limelight, with all the border closure and delays and the application process. But currently, most of the countries worldwide, most specially Australia being always dependent to migrants, has to move forward and just live with Covid.

There’s no clear indication yet as to when the immigration industry will go back to normal, but definitely, it is something that the Australia is looking into, especially now that the nation is facing shortage of manpower to some industries.

Majority of the employment growth over years has been in jobs that post-school qualification is required. Below is the screenshot of the top growing industries where demand is high based on the occupational ceilings set by the Department of Home Affairs:

What does it mean for you?

If you’re considering to migrate to Australia from Singapore or from which ever part of the world, there may be more opportunities coming your way. However, you may still face strong competition, especially now that many of the applicants are only waiting in the queue, and most of these applicants are with high points, just waiting for the application process to go back to normal.

The job outlook for 2022 promises a range of opportunities in many sectors and you will have better chances if you are planning to migrate to Australia for work. If you are keen and very serious about your intention of migrating to Australia, there is no better time to start your application than now! Contact us for more details on our professional consultation appointment. Alternatively, fill out our free online assessment form.

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