Do you feel like wrestling with your confidence in pursuing your plans of migration to Australia due to the global uncertainties?

 “God moves in his timing, not yours. He’s never late, but He is usually not early either.” – Joyce Meyer, Ending Your Day Right

The truth is there’s never a perfect timing to start your application. Yes, the borders may have been closed at this point in time due to the pandemic we are experiencing, but it won’t hurt to start the application the soonest. The Department of Home Affairs, despite delays being very evident, never said they will permanently close the borders for all migrants to be.

In fact, even with the current situation, we have been receiving positive skills assessments from various skills assessing bodies such as the Australian Computer Society (ACS), Engineers Australia (EA), etc. At AIS, we are always on top of our clients’ applications – monitoring 24/7 all the immigration updates and regulation changes, advising our clients a tailored solution to their present eligibility criteria.

Know how this present situation may affect your Australia migration plans and AIS’ ongoing discounted packages. Attend our upcoming FREE Australia Immigration Webinar by completing the registration form. Alternatively, call +65 6299 0246 for more information!

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