We have heard it all: I am a teacher, I surely will get Superior Level of English… My English is good to migrate to Australia from Singapore, I want to start the process now… I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree, I don’t know need to take English test…Or, Do I really need to take the English test.

The truth is you can never get away with this English Proficiency if you are applying for a visa to migrate to Australia to work, study and live there.

For an emerging English speaking country like Australia, it will be a challenge if you are unable to communicate. However brilliant your ideas may be will not matter if you cannot be understood. The sad truth is however skillful you may be, you cannot be put to good use in the economy if you do not have the ability to communicate.

Australian Immigration acknowledges English proficiency results from International English Language Testing System (IELTS), Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE), Occupational English Test (OET), and Test of English as a Foreign Language internet-Based Test (TOEFL iBT). Normally, native English language speaking countries for whom the English requirement may be weighed include citizens of the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States of America, Ireland and the New Zealand.

Whichever you should undertake, you will need to achieve the relevant score for that particular component.

Investing your time and effort into improving your English is critical if you are going to receive a successful application for permanent residency (PR) to Australia. While English courses can be helpful, English skills for adults are something which can be quite a challenge to attain, considering that the last time we had our English test was when we were just studying.

Believe it or not, we have several clients who are very eager to migrate to Australia from Singapore and are initially thinking they will be able to get the required score, but unable to do so. We have some who are not confident and are afraid of not meeting just the pass mark, but surprisingly did well on their modules. There are even clients who have taken their English test prior to meeting us, thinking they have the enough scores already but have actually fallen short for the overall immigration points test that they need to retake the English.

All about English requirement to migrate to Australia, and more of the general overview of the immigration process when you attend our up-coming FREE Australia Immigration Webinar. Alternatively, call us at +65 6299 0246 for more information.

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