Australia remains to be one of the most successful multicultural nations in the entire world. But even with the highly harmonious and cohesive living styles, we cannot deny the impact of racism as it has become the most terrible social problem in the area, and has become of the dilemmas for those intending to migrate to Australia.

There are so many ways people in the country can face racism behavior. They are often being abused for their darker skin colors. And it is never acceptable. The situations often get worse for the people who face such discrimination every day. Some of the most common groups that face racism on a regular basis are Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal people. It is a common scenario for the immigrants who gathered here from culturally diverse backgrounds. The terrible fact is that they often get into systemic discrimination as well; it limits their access to various opportunities and common resources to ensure growth in their life. That is why people are thinking twice before planning to migrate to Australia.

The scenario says that polarisation is not just influenced by the political leaders, but at the same time, the ill effects are also spread by the news media. The rise of social media has also provided a new platform for debate; it further leads to failure of the factual framework that is otherwise useful to solve the issue. Racism has a huge impact on Australia immigration; the new arrivals find it difficult to connect with the communities and to find a job as well.

In a country where you rely so much on migrants, it is important to tackle various drivers of racism; they are disengagement, disrespect, and inequality. Once the nation sets the right parameter for dealing with racism, then only the migrants can look for a better life in Australia. It can naturally ensure huge rise in Australia PR application.

Racism is everywhere. On a positive front, however, Australia remains to be one of the countries that maintains a strong Anti-Racism framework.

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