The idea is if people just have information, then they will make the rational choice. And that’s just wrong. – DAMON CENTOLA

With the current global uncertainties, many are faced with challenging decisions to make in life. Questions like – How’s my family’s future with this kind of situation? Shall we consider pushing our Australia migration plans? What if this COVID never ends? Will I still be employed for the next few months? – during these unprecedented times are quite common, especially for foreigners whose residential status in a country is unstable.

What many people don’t realize is that we need to become comfortable with all the uncertainties lingering, not only during this pandemic period. As Nicholas King said, relying too much on uncertainties leads to a lot of bad decision-making.

At AIS, we always work against the uncertainties; we provide tailored professional advice to each and every family we are assisting.

Get a general overview of the Australia Immigration process and know-how this COVID-19 situation may affect your Australia PR application plans. Reserve your seat/s for our upcoming FREE Australia Immigration Webinar by clicking the “REGISTER” button below. You may also be able to take advantage of our Circuit Breaker Stimulus Package (CBSP).

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