With the goal to streamline and invite highly eligible applicants, Department of Home Affairs (DHA) has been restructuring the skilled immigration programme including increased in passmarks, updating eligibility requirements – making migration to Australia from Singapore or anywhere else tougher than before.

Following the start of the new fiscal year in Australia, uncertainties to the immigration process has remained lingering – state nomination application being closed at the moment because of the COVID situation, making people feel wary of their future plans down under.

Importance of a Registered Migration Agency

At Australia Immigration Specialist (AIS), we always believe that being proactive rather than reactive will lead you to a much better position. Yes, we may experience some hiccups now, but it won’t be permanent. IN FACT, the immigration department has announced resuming application anytime soon. Being your registered migration agency, not to mention that we have been helping families migrate to Australia since 2003, we do not just provide assistance; we provide solutions for all our clients.

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Australia Immigration Specialist is a registered Australian migration agency in Singapore.


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