Certainly, this COVID-19 has thrown new challenges globally which we have never imagined coming. But certainly also, this pandemic has thought every country a very valuable lesson on the critical level of being self-sufficient and self-reliant.

It was in December 2019 when this pandemic started and when many countries have been progressively impacted. It has put global supply chains being disrupted, making all countries pre-occupied with dealing with their problems of containing the virus, while not compromising the other sectors such as the health sector and the overall economic performance.

This has not only impacted the economic structure of every country, but this pandemic has waken-up people, making them rethink about their present lifestyle, work stability, and family’s future as a whole.

While you are reading this and feeling like you are in an un-safe, not satisfactorily stable, economy-struggling country, definitely you can’t help but feel worried about your family’s future. What if a more deadly virus comes? Are you still seeing yourself being in that same place where you are right now? Are you still going to put your family’s future at stake?

The least that we want to be in is to be in a situation where you have the chance to take responsibility for your own destiny, but failed because you either didn’t have the skills, or the inclination to make the change.

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