As I write this from the corner of my room which has been converted to a remote office, while I am thinking through about my plans in migrating to Australia from Singapore, odds are you are also reading from your home or on a public transportation if your country is lucky enough to somehow resume day-to-day life during COVID period.

Schools have been conducting online lessons, and some restaurants have paved their way to online deliveries. Borders are still closed for most of the countries across the globe, especially in Australia. Only when we have been affected by the pandemic do we realize how much freedom of movement – mobility wise – is a very essential part of our life.

COVID has brought so much halt to my migration plans to Australia. It’s going almost 2 years already when I started the application and did my skills assessment. I delayed my English test so much with the thinking that I still got so much time.

Until COVID-19 happened…

I had my English test done in December 2020, and about to submit my expression of interest, when the Department of Home Affairs announced they will be temporarily closing the nomination, and was prolonged further due to the pandemic situation down under.

Now, unprecedented travel and mobility restrictions have taken into place. Alongside, migration rules and regulations have been revised – giving more priority to essential workers. With 8 years of work experience in the architecture industry, I am now uncertain as to how my migration plans to Australia will be after them re-opening state nomination and designated area sponsorship in October 2020. There’s nothing I can do now but to wait and be hopeful for the best for my future plans.

Til next time…

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