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You are out of the Priority

Migration to Australia

Let’s face it, COVID-19 has put most of our life plans at a halt – this is even more so for those people who have been contemplating about moving across to Australia and start a new life there but have had faced the biggest hurdle when the Department of Home Affairs has postponed applications.

Prior to the re-opening of the skilled visa nomination and business programs, and complete allocations for the financial year 2020-21 on 7th October 2020, the Department of Home Affairs has allocated limited interim places to some states, giving priority to those who are critical for the nation’s battle against the COVID-19 situation.

Yes, your occupation may be out of priority, but that doesn’t mean you don’t stand a chance.

With the complete state and territory nomination placements to be announced, and the competition surely to get tougher than ever, we are always bound to provide permanent solutions to all our clients. Where there may be a lack of push factors, we always urge our clients to think and plan ahead for a brighter future, specifically with foreign workers whose career stability and security are at stake.

While we cannot guarantee any success of the application, we advocate all our client’s application to the best of our abilities. We always tend to believe that a “just in time” attitude towards life will not help you achieve your goals, as every delay in your actions translates into a loss of opportunity. In this world full of uncertainties, we have to live with a “just in case” attitude for us to be prepared for whatever’s going to happen.

All these and more about how COVID-19 may affect your immigration plans when you attend our upcoming FREE Australia Immigration Webinar. Click the “REGISTER” button below to reserve your slot/s. Alternatively, call +65 6299 0246 for further assistance.

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