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Migration to Australia

November 2019 when the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) introduced the new Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 491), which requires people to live and work in a regional area. This is also in accordance to the Australian government’s goal to decongest major cities.

If you’re living in Asia and contemplating moving to Australia, the ideal choice of location is typically Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane… It may be because of the metropolitan lifestyle that you prefer, or it may also be because of the increased work opportunities. However, you have to also consider that along with more job opportunities comes more competition.

Many don’t realize that WORK will only be part of life when you move Down Under. Our clients who have successfully migrated to Australia may also empathize with us that REAL LIFE often exists after work – more quality time with your family and friends, while enjoying the work-life balanced you have been dreaming of. Where the pace of life slows, many (if not all) of our clients have found more time for the things that really matter.

Migrating to regional areas such as Canberra, Perth and Adelaide is severely prejudiced by negative generalizations: “there are no jobs there”. Indeed, major companies or head offices are situated in major cities, but surely there cannot be ZERO job openings in the suburbs.

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