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How’s the Australia PR Application Status Going to be in 2022?

Australia PR Application Status in 2022

Australia PR Application Status in 2022

Gone are the days when migrants-to-be can easily get their Australia PR Application done up by just fulfilling the requirements from the Department of Home Affairs. If you are lucky enough, within just six months to one year and a half you can already migrate to Australia from Singapore or elsewhere. But with this COVID, actually even a couple of years before this pandemic, everything gets tougher. Regardless, with Australia Immigration Specialist (AIS), as one of the most established migration agencies in Singapore, we will just have to maneuver through this uncertainties and provide you permanent solutions.

What will happen in 2022?

The truth is, we don’t know as well. What we are most certain about is Australia has been and will continue to prioritize not just critical workers, but also those high caliber applicants. Through a points-test system, particularly for the Skilled Migration route, being the most known Australia PR Application pathway, the immigration authorities determine who amongst the applicants will be of great benefit for the nation, alongside ensuring the stability of the nation’s supply and demand for skilled migrants. Pass mark is still set at 65 points at this point in time, but honestly if you just hit the bare minimum you will just end up waiting in the pool of applicants for so long.

Options Are Never-Ending For All Migrants-To-Be

We understand and empathize with the sentiments of all our clients as much as we fully understand the immigration rules and regulation. While there are families who only intend to go in metropolitan cities such as Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, other applicants openly accept other options where opportunities can still be maximized. This may include provisional visas or the Global Talent visa route, which are highly prioritized now. At Australia Immigration Specialist, we advocate in favor of our clients’ criteria, presenting all casework in the strongest possible manner. Through a professional one-on-one consultation, we are able to assess a family’s criteria and present circumstances based on the current rules and regulations.

Call and book a professional consultation with us to meet one of our highly qualified consultants and know if your family is eligible to start your Australia PR Application or any other visas. Alternatively, fill out our free online assessment form and you will be receiving an initial assessment from one of our consultants.

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