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Don’t Wait till it’s Over: Act Upon your Goals to Australia 

Act Upon your Plans of Migrating to Australia from Singapore

It’s in 2003 when we experienced SARS, 2009 when H1N1 came, MERS made its way in 2012, and we are experiencing COVID for more than 2 years now. We all did not expect these things to happen. Now, this omicron variant is emerging to different parts of the world, affecting adversely the decision making for many who have been contemplating of migrating to Australia from Singapore or elsewhere.

While it’s evident that globally the main goal now is to cope with the constantly increasing number of new cases and to continue dealing with the global economic havoc this pandemic is giving, it is also high time for everyone to prepare for whatever’s going to happen in the future to minimize the pain of another pandemic. Things like settling down with your family in a much safer place where access to good medical facilities is not a problem should have been put into consideration.

The challenge, of course, is for most people to feel more lax as soon as COVID-19 starts to fade and so too the drive to prepare for the next one. Truth be told, we move on by repressing the memory – and it will be so overwhelming to just forget this pandemic. But, we all need to remain vigilant and always think about our family’s future.

The least that we want to be in is to be in a situation where you have the chance to take responsibility for your own destiny, but failed because you didn’t have neither the courage nor the inclination to make the change.

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