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Australia PR Application: What to Expect in 2022?

Australia PR Application

Australia PR Application

Australia PR Application: What to Expect in 2022?

With just less than 3 months to 2022, and will the global uncertainties, what is it now for your Australia PR application plans?

After almost two years of being in a miserable situation due to COVID, with all the lockdowns and outbreaks, Australia — at least Sydney, is now looking forward to a life finally adapting to the new normal where everyone has just to live with COVID. The future, definitely, still remains unknowable, 

Sydney is on its way…

Starting 18th October 2021, thousands of children can now return to school in Sydney after months of home learning. Also, masks will no longer be required in office, and home gatherings and outdoor activities will be permitted following the vaccination milestone of the state which has reached 80 per cent of those who received two doses. This could even break the state, but Premier Dominic Perrottet said that it may be a long journey to go for Sydney, but everyone is urged to strictly follow remaining health rules and social distancing measures.

Tourists may not be the top priority…

While Sydney has initiated the movement, definitely, the nation’s goal is to be still in control of the virus-spread by not allowing overseas tourists yet, but instead give priority to returning skilled migrants and students. On the implementation of the International Arrivals Pilot Program, New South Wales (NSW)’s borders will be open for 250 students to attend universities in Dec 2021. An evaluation will then take place before deciding to increase the intakes.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison even announced plans to allow vaccinated citizen and Australia PR visa holders to fly overseas in November. Also, Health Minister Greg Hunt has indicated discussions are under way with Singapore for the green-lane travel for fully vaccinated visitors.

What to expect?

We know that these updates are still full of uncertainties for most people, especially for those who have been putting their Australia PR application at halt for at least a year or so now. But as people may say it, we always have to look for silver linings, that these updates are signs of hope or positive aspects in an otherwise negative situation. We will never know if following these updates Australia will certainly resume processing applications, but it pays to be pro-active than to be reactive. Putting your application as early as now, if you have not done so, may give you a step ahead of those who are still stuck in contemplating about obtaining their Australia PR status.

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