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Australia PR: An open letter from a hesitant applicant (before)


It has been 8 years now since I first set foot in Singapore. Better career opportunity has made me decide to leave my home country, Philippines, and be away with my family and loved ones at the age of 23.

Just like anyone else, I felt the excitement of working in a totally new different place: people are very culture-oriented, the fast-paced life just thrills me, and of course the amazing entirety of the country. I certainly did enjoy my first five years of working in Singapore. Until one day, I felt the urge to seek for further progression in my life in general.

As much as I love how Singapore has changed my life over the years, the uncertainties of being able to stay here long-term just haunts me, most particularly when my work pass is about to be renewed, and with all the regulation changes the government is implementing for foreign workers. I did try to apply for a permanent residency status here and unfortunately had been rejected twice. I was looking for something permanent for myself, where I could live in peace and don’t worry about my future.

I came across Australia Permanent Resident application from one of my friends. I did a little bit of research on my own through the immigration websites, asking around, and reading online forums. The overwhelming information I got just made me confused not knowing where to start. Until I consulted several (I think three) registered Australia migration agencies in Singapore

They have said the same basic information, but what Australia Immigration Specialist (AIS) sets them apart from the other companies I consulted was they are very upfront and honest about my not-so straightforward case. They did not give me promises and false hope, but have provided me the right information I need and a much tailored advice based on my present circumstances.

It was months of getting information and advises from several companies and individuals. I must admit, I’m quite comfortable now here in Singapore, which made me think to delay starting my application. I did have some second thoughts if Australia really is for me. But I guess it is certainly true that we will never know until we get to experience it.

After a year of thinking it through (yes it took me a year to decide), I decided to engage the abovementioned agency. It’s a mixture of excitement and anxiousness for me, thinking about the possibility of getting rejected again. The first two-stages (skills assessment and state nomination application), unexpectedly, were smoothly handled by the agency, and then pandemic happened. It was almost two years full of uncertainties, not knowing how my application is going to be.

But just this month (April 2022 as I write this), I got my Australia PR status granted. I was not expecting that at all given the current global situation. When I heard the news, I was just so happy that all my worries now have definite answers. I’m just so grateful to AIS for helping me get through this application. And luckily, I did not let my unending hesitations stop me from pursuing my life goals.

The thought of me starting a journey down under is just exciting. Now, I would just need to worry and plan about my big move. But at least I have the permanent solution now to all my worries. Thank you, AIS!



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