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How much does it cost to Migrate to Australia from Singapore?

If you are a working professional in Singapore and thinking about migrating to Australia read on…

Whether you’re thinking of engaging a migration agent or DIY, it seems to boil down to 2 things, time to do it yourself or paying someone to do it for you.

However, let’s do some simple maths; for a family of 4 self-applying for an Australian PR visa through the skills pathway, it will cost around $10,000. However, if you factored in an agent’s professional and representation cost of about $7,000 it may cost you a total of $17,000 ($10k +$7k).

If skilled visa applications take about 12 months processing you’re looking to set aside about $833/month ($10k/12) or $1,416 ($17k/12) if you engaged a registered migration agent in Singapore.

Is increasing your monthly expense by $583 worth it for something you may be able to do by yourself?

Putting things in perspective, it should all boil down to what migrating means to you; simply an option or critical for you and your family’s future.

Although DIY is cheaper, is saving the money worth losing sleep wondering if you’ve done the right thing or whether a new start in Australia matters? What about the uncertainty and volatility of surrounding health, economic, job, business, and political situations?

Registered Migration Agents are tasked with the onerous responsibility of presenting your case in the strongest possible manner; to do all the right things and sometimes to steer you away from the “wrong stuff” that might complicate or contradict your eligibility.

As the childhood police and thief game sounds out… “Your money or your life…” perhaps it’s time for you to re-evaluate the importance of money vs life.

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